Billing In The Cloud With billWARE POS

It's an all-in-one cloud billing software for retail shop that also tracks inventory and manages accounting.

Great fit for almost any Retail Shops

Billing Solution best suitable for ​Garment Stores​ | ​Sweet Stores​ | ​Variety Stores​ | Departmental Stores​ | ​Agriculture Products Store​ | ​Organic Food Store​ | ​Ice-cream Parlors​ | ​Kirana Stores​ | ​Crockery Stores​ | ​Decorative Store​ | ​Retail Stores​ | ​Hardware Stores​ | ​Mobile Stores​ | ​Electronics Stores​ | ​Registered Dealers & Distributors​ | Distribution & Wholesale Business Owners​ | ​Mid-Sized Store business​ | ​Multi-Chain Store Owners​ | ​Multi-Location Store Owners​ |

Cloud POS for all your needs

You don't need to buy expensive point-of-sale to use our software. It's an all-in-one cloud software that also tracks inventory and manages accounting.

Mobile features that keep you on top of your game

No more carrying around heavy books or notebooks to track inventory - billWARE provides real-time updates on the go for both in-store and inventory tracking. Manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

Always backed up and secure

Forget about data loss! All data is backed up automatically in the cloud, so you can rest assured that your financial information is safe.


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Starting At

$29 / month

  • Billed Annually
  • Upto 5 Users
  • Extra Users @29$ for 5 Users
  • Unlimited Customers
  • 1 Store 1 Warehouse
  • Space 5GB
  • All Standard Modules

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  • Case To Case Basis

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is a cloud based billing solution with Point of Sales (POS) which is designed to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory operations and sales transactions.

  • Not as such, being on cloud it can work on any laptop, desktop or even on touch devices. If you want you can even run on touch based POS machines.

  • Yes, by using a CSV you can import the data as per the format given.

  • Yes, self demo is also available which can be accessible by clicking demo link. Also we would be happy to demonstrate through a web-conference at your convenience.To schedule your personal session, please contact

  • Do you charge monthly or yearly?

    Billware is a pay-as-you-go service (yearly), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.

  • Is my data safe?

    We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure.